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Vest carrying bag

The utility scope is wide, the business super convenience store, hospital pharmacy, marinated meat Deli, food and beverage packaging, etc.

Household garbage bag

Wide range of uses, living room, kitchen, bedroom, toilet, office, etc.

Pet garbage bag

It is suitable for all kinds of garbage produced by pets.

Community garbage bag

Suitable for large places, such as community, factory, roadside, hotel, catering, etc.

plastic bag

Used in daily life, mattress, clothes, car, food bag, etc.

Company Profile

Weifang Maoqian plastic products Co., Ltd. factory is located in Weicheng District, Weifang City, Shandong Province, with the development of the company's business is also expanding development.The company mainly produces plastic self sealing bags, plastic packaging bags, vest type garbage bags, kitchen garbage bags, pet garbage bags, dust-proof plastic bags, bubble film bags, car seat plastic covers, food bags and other packaging products.

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